January 6, 2014

Last shopping ♥

Hello, it's me again! Today I'm gonna show my last shopping and maybe some inspiration for this year or just few next months, I don't know.

But I should start from wishing you all the best in New Year. More time which you can spend with important for you people, with your family and friends. More smile, happiness. Less sadness and tears.

Let's start from stuff I bought last time when I was with my Sister in Rzeszow (city near to my hometown) in shopping center. I bought only a few things but I'm really happy.

First I bought tights with crosses print and galaxy leggings 
So pretty and comfy aww *-* In shop was discount: get two thing, pay for one. So I paid sth about 5$ tally weijl  

Next we went to centro and I found there pretty bracelet, it was love in first sight  
I paid less than 2$  And you can see ring which I bought when I was with my friends in Rossmann, less than 4$

I also bought one pair of tights during shopping with my mom. They were really cheap, less than 1$ so I had to have them. Print is very nice

I thought about getting inspiration from pastel goth and that's why I bought these tights and leggings. But I wanted tights with crosses from long time. So it's all for now. I'll try write something more in this week. For sure I'll show you inspirations for this year~

xoxo, Haru

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  1. Hey cutie, thanks so much for your sweet comment. ♥ I'll follow you back, your style simply rocks. ;) I'm looking forward to reading more from you soon. :3

    Happy New Year to you, too, of course. ^-^