March 24, 2014

February and March favorites ☆

It's been awhile since I wrote anything, hasn't it?
Time to change that.

First-- Sorry for my English. I didn't use this language for a really long time. But I'll try to. Today's post will be about february and march favorites. Since I didn't wrote more than two months I have few things to show you.

Sweater: CROPP / Scarf: TALLY WEiJL / T-Shirt: Carrefour / Pants: local shop / Pajamas: CROPP / Necklace: Diva / Bracelet: Diva / Lenses travel case: Ebay / Red circle lenses: / Blue circle lenses:

And some photos of my shitty costest of Vincent Brooks - main character from 'Catherine' the game. I don't know why but as costest it look not good enough but as normal look I really like it. This makeup and this wig suits to each other. OK., I leave you with these photographs. I'm going to school. I'll be write more often, I promise. Bye bye Cuties ♥