March 24, 2014

February and March favorites ☆

It's been awhile since I wrote anything, hasn't it?
Time to change that.

First-- Sorry for my English. I didn't use this language for a really long time. But I'll try to. Today's post will be about february and march favorites. Since I didn't wrote more than two months I have few things to show you.

Sweater: CROPP / Scarf: TALLY WEiJL / T-Shirt: Carrefour / Pants: local shop / Pajamas: CROPP / Necklace: Diva / Bracelet: Diva / Lenses travel case: Ebay / Red circle lenses: / Blue circle lenses:

And some photos of my shitty costest of Vincent Brooks - main character from 'Catherine' the game. I don't know why but as costest it look not good enough but as normal look I really like it. This makeup and this wig suits to each other. OK., I leave you with these photographs. I'm going to school. I'll be write more often, I promise. Bye bye Cuties ♥


  1. Wreszcie jakaś notka się tutaj pojawiła. Mam nadzieję, że będziesz pisać tutaj nieco częściej. Śliczne zdjęcia i świetne ubrania. ;3 Możesz następnym razem zrobić outfit z nową torbą, którą dziś kupiłeś.

  2. Obserwujemy? :)

  3. Great post!

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    awesome style :D

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  5. hey I'm fine aswell hehe

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  6. Love everything in your faves! Anyways, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and then ill follow you back instantly.

  7. Good to see you're back here as well. :) Followed you on instagram and have already seen some of the pictures. ^^