June 5, 2013

Inspiration for June / July.

How are you? It's really late but I want to add something. It's a beginning of new month so I should do something like "inspiration" for next time. My English really sucks, so sorry. Lately I was really busy and I didn't found a time for outfits or any good makeup. 

So.. Lately my biggest inspiration is Simon (first photo) and Jeremy (second photo). I use their photos but I gave you links to their blogs. Third photo shows a ouji outfit. I fell in love with this style. But why ouji clothes are so expensive? T^T I want to try a gentle, barely visible makeup which will be fits more to the boy. Hence the photo of Simon / Jeremy.

Lower are my three next cosplay. Not included my OC (original character, from my stories). Kise Ryouta as pilot from Kuroko no Basket (from here). Takao Kazunari as (sexy) nurse, from Kuroko no Basket (art by my friend, my own doctor Midorima). And last but not least is Cryaotic as Swedish police (art from here). 

And I think it's all for this moment. I need a lot of money for all this cosplays. Especially wigs and circle lenses are problems. They will be cost.. a lot. x.x

Wish me luck! <3
Good night.