October 4, 2013

My room ≧(´▽`)≦

Hi, today I want show you my new room in Warsaw. I love it. Room is pretty but a little too girly for me  (´・ω・`) Sorry for my English. So enjoy~

I always wanted to have big mirror in my room. In my parent's home every time when I want to do photo of my outfit I have to do that almost in fron of my parent because I never had mirror in my room. And finally I have big mirror only for myself.

My ident card from manga and anime convention (not all) and my favourite necklaces: ring from Lord of the Rings, Deathly Hollows' symbol from Harry Potter and Uruha's guitar.

Next to the mirror I have little shelves where I have my makeup stuff, toys from Happy Meals and games, CDs etc.

Last time I showed you my wardrobe. But in this note I did it again because I have better photos (*^ー^)ノ

I love my desk. It's empty almost all the time because anything on this white surface would distract me~ (T▽T;) Love my mouse pad ♥

I like the cabinet. Shelves are really big. Unfortunately, I cannot put on the top shelves because I'm too small (´・ω・`)

I don't have to have all my clothes or shoes with me, but I love my books and yaoi so I had to take it with me (T▽T;) And there are things that I like to have with me when I'm living on my own. For example frame with Hide's photo and guitar's picks; I have Teru's pick (Versailles), Uruha's pick (the Gazette) and Sakeru's pick (Shogai) in my little collection. And rose from my Dad ≧(´▽`)≦

My other cosmetics (for hair and body) and my 'cosplay stuff' which mean only wigs and this cap for Akashi (from Kuroko no Basuke) in uniform.

My pretty bed. I love whole style of my room but this bed is the best. And it's really comfortable. I have a lot of plushies but you can see only my fav. I have him from my ex-girlfriend but I love him very much. On the bed are suspended beads for meditation, the ID from last convention (it was my first convention with my boyfriend and it was free for us because he had a game tournament) and his cap.

A large chest of drawers. I can put a lot of stuff there (‐^▽^‐) My flatmate, Filip, plays a guitar so I took my electric guitar with me to Warsaw.

And things that always are on chest of drawers - mug of tea, lamp, photo from Woodstock on 2012 (with my Sister, her ex-boyfriend and his friend), money, tissues (I'm often ill) and jewelry box. And.. that's it! I hope you enjoyed this note ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ 


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