September 3, 2013

Little shopping and spending time with my Sister ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Lately I didn't bought any 'big things' like a lot of clothes or games (which I plan to buy in near time) but I bought few books and manga. And sweater when I was with my Sister in SH. I need to start saving money. I want so many things but I haven't enough money at this moment. I really wanna have stuff from Razer. And I need new circle lenses. When lastly I'll live in Warsaw (where I'll start studies) I think that I'll have more money for my own expenses. Yep, as you see, I decided to study in Warsaw. I'm scared but I'm excited (´・ω・`)

Alright then, time to show you my new babies (笑) ≧(´▽`)≦

1. 'Sorry' by Zoran Drvenkar and 'Midnight Rising' by Lara Adrian (yup, about vampires).

2. 'Neo Arcadia' by Tachibana Kaoru, Akira Norikazu and 'Beautiful Days' by Madarame Hiro and 'The tyrant who fall in love' by Hinako Takanaga.

3. And now I don't know how to name it because these are stories from our polish (yaoi) publishing house and the original name is   just 'Opowiadania Kotori' and in English it would be, I don't know, just 'Stories' or 'Stories from Kotori' I DON'T KNOW (T▽T;)

And now I want to show my new sweater. I fell in love in first sight with him but now.. I like this sweater less and less. I think it's cute but.. uhm, I don't know, it's not my type (。・ε・。)

In last Saturday we were in Studio 8 (it's one of more known discotheque in my town) and I spent really nice time with her and her boyfriend. We drank only Kamikaze and Coca Cola.

And in Sunday we were on a dinner in my favourite restaurant / cafe named 'Perełka' (‐^▽^‐)

Rocky for the end (*^ー^)ノ♥


  1. Cute kitty. :3 And cool sweater. ^^

  2. Słodziachny sweterek :D

  3. nominowałam Cie do LBA :)